Whether you are a visitor to South Florida, or live within, our most precious commodity is the surrounding waters. From the gin clear waters of The Florida Keys, to the tannin colored waters of The Everglades, nature has provided us with one of the most unique and beautiful eco-systems in the world. And there is no better way to experience its beauty and splendor than by boat. We have built a business on providing this opportunity to all, and would like to be your host.

Book-n-Hook Fishing Charters promotes and specializes in “pleasure fishing”. There are few experiences in life better than spending a beautiful day out on the water surrounded by pristine nature and relaxing tranquility. This setting coupled with the art of fishing equals a day of “fun”, and an experience of a lifetime. We hope to share this experience with you, and/or, your family.

Also unique to South Florida is the ability to fish both saltwater and freshwater within close proximity. With species like Snook, Redfish, and Tarpon calling both waters their home, the opportunities are many, as are our capabilities. We provide access to the most open oceans and bays, or to the most remote and tranquil creeks and estuaries, utilizing two types of boats and decades of experience.

Our goal as a full service guide business is to provide our clients with “hospitality” and “enjoyment” experienced through spending time with us and our beautiful surroundings. However, no goal is greater or more rewarding to us than your smile, your handshake, and your thanks.

“Enjoy Life”
Captain Mike Noffo