About Us

Your host, Captain Mike Noffo, is a third generation South Floridian who was born and raised in south Miami Dade County. Mike is a United States Coast Guard licensed Captain with over 30 years experience boating, fishing, and diving the waters of South Florida, The Bahamas, and in between.

Our boats are 2007 and 2010 model years, and are in immaculate condition and operational service status. Please see “Our Boats” section of this Web Site for further more detailed information.

We offer Backcountry, Reef, and Bluewater fishing services, as well as Boat Tours that accommodate photography, nature viewing, or just a simple relaxing cruise. Our fishing and boating services are tailored to both Freshwater and Saltwater, and we welcome the novice, the experienced, men, women, and children, all ages. In addition, we offer personalized snorkeling trips to many of the world class coral reefs available to us in the Florida Keys and Biscayne National Park.

Fishing is not our only passion, as we offer our clients the opportunity to fish in the morning, snorkel in the afternoon, and cruise in the later hours; which as an example can be configured to meet your desires and time frames.

Our services are “all inclusive” meaning we include all licenses, tackle, rods, reels, baits, ice, food (arranged with you in advance), drinks, fish cleaning, packaging, and pre coordinated transportation. You simply “book” and “hook”.

We specialize in artificial (baits) presentation fishing, and practice catch and release of our most prized resources, the fish. However, we understand conservative harvest (a tasty dinner) and will both clean and package your catch if desired. We remind “all” that conservation and the protection of our valuable resources are paramount in preserving the “future” for all to enjoy. We ask you to understand this position and to respect our efforts and procedures to insure that your future is as enjoyable as the present.