Large Boat ½ day cost (4 hours) = $375.00 (up to 4 persons). Can be started as per the clients time frame needs. We recommend morning fishing trips starting at first light (approx. 6:00 to7:00 am) on, or evening trips starting 4 hours prior to a safe return light. We will accommodate your requests and time frames. Snorkeling, sightseeing, or photography trip time frames can be adjusted to different start times.

Large Boat full day cost (8 hours) = $600.00 (up to 4 persons). Full day fishing trips should start at first light and end around 3:00 to 4:00 pm. Combination fishing and pleasure trips are very desirable, with the fishing in the morning hours and cruising, sightseeing, or snorkeling in the later hours of the day. Trips and time frames can be configured to the client preferences.

Small Boat ½ day cost (4 hours) = $295.00 (up to 2 persons). Fishing starts at first light, or in the evening hours. Sightseeing, photography, or cruising can begin as per the client.

Small Boat full day cost (8 hours) = $495.00 (up to 2 persons).

Pleasure or Family trips with up to 5 persons can be provided.

Weekend or Week long trips with accommodations in The Florida Keys can be provided. Please contact us for details.

Combination camping and fishing trips can be provided seasonally (late Fall, Winter, and early Spring). Please contact us for details.

Note: All fishing trips include fishing tackle (you can bring your preferred rod and reel, or tackle if desired), bait, fishing permit, food (sandwiches, etc.), snacks, drinks, ice, fish cleaning, packaging, and pre coordinated and agreed upon limited transportation. You simply “book” and “hook”. We recommend that you bring: polarized sunglasses, a good hat, sun screen, additional clothing (depending upon temperatures), removable footwear, and light rain gear, just in case. Your needs can be discussed in advance and dependant upon exactly what you will be doing.

Please contact us with any questions or needed clarifications, ask for Captain Mike, or leave a message and we will contact you. Office number is 305-235-7253, and cell phone numbers are 786-376-4291 or 786-853-9759. Thank you.